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QA/QC Program

As the project is on progress a Project Quality Audit is being performed to make sure that we meet our customer’s demand and requirements. A robust verification is implied on site to review every stage of the project before proceeding to the next stage.

“Prevention is better than cure”, we at PLD Construction imposed a systematic process for defect prevention. Necessary data are gathered through on site walk-through. Data collected are used to identify the root cause of defects and prevent them for happening.

Defect Prevention does not just reduce the cost but enhances the quality of work as well.



1.Define the PROBLEM

2.Collect Data

  • Proofs that the problem existed.
  • How long does the problem existed?
  • What are the impacts of the problem?

3.Identify possible casual factors

  • What are the sequence of events that lead to the problem?
  • What are the conditions that allow the problem to occur?

4.Identify the root cause

5.Recommend & Implement Solution